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I am a guy who likes many things that range from the beautiful to the cute, to the slightly awkward, and here they are.


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So a while back I started working on a reference sheet for a Pokesona over on my other account on Furaffinity and then for some unforeseen reason I got so enticed by the idea that I ended up doing some other members of what I'm going to call a Poke-School series (because they're all either students or teachers in the same school setting). Though many shapes and form I hope the can help shape future art I have planned. But until then, they'll make a very rare collection of individuals who DON'T have padding... for now.

Pokemorph Chars 1 by AbeSedecimPokemorph Chars 2 by AbeSedecimPokemorph Chars 3 by AbeSedecim

Starting for the Top Left we have:
  1. Kasimir Snorlax or "Mr. Casbah" as he prefers to be called, the Art Teacher, and unofficial sage of the school whose advice often leads to enabling, but ultimately resolution. Supremely open minded and a little bit lazy.
  2. Joash Entei, known to his students as "Master Ent", the Gym Teacher and one time Pokemon Fighting Champion, who retired and now teachers students how to handle their attacks. A bit of a naturalist, and lover of outdoors.
  3. Nila Misdreavus, an outsider with a taste for Victorian fashion and Dark Romance novels. While mostly seen hanging out in the shade with the other Ghostly Types, is sometimes called an outsider among the outsiders.
  4. Penelope Smoochum, or "Penny" as she is known by the Popular crowd. While it's not an easy job being formidable and fashionable in social standings, it has taught her to keep a happy face under any situation.
  5. Kiri Phanpy, a very sporty gal who's made practically ever sports team and can go on par with bigger and stronger opponents than herself. While described as a tomboy she does have a more sensitive and girly side. 
  6. Menno Tyrogue, a tough guy who would have made a good sportsman if he could get along well with others. Fluent in the art of fighting, and wants to be Master Ent's disciple if he can ever control his inner angst.
  7. Baylee Magnemite, a highly intelligent but highly underestimated individual. Being short in stature has often made her the subject of ridicule, but being logical has made her cope but also lost touch with true emotion.
  8. Maya Poliwag, a very shy but very caring individual. Often times try to mingle with the crowd rather than make a scene, and despite her aquatic does not like to participate in water sports. A good friend with Baylee.
  9. Linda Dratini, a very brave but very passive girl. Being a member of a very prestigious species, has taught her many ways to be seen and not heard. Has much in common with Maya, whom like her is a bit of a wallflower.
  10. Albert Venonat, also called Big V by some. A genius in mechanical ingenuity but more a failure in social interacting. A bit of a shallow type who often hits on the popular Penny despite her constant rejections.
  11. Prima Hitmonchan, a new teacher aide, mostly helping in Home Ec. and helping Master Ent with his courses. The older sister of Menno, often looks after him at both home and school. Secretly in love with a fellow teacher.
  12. Finnbar Bouffalant, called "Finn" by his friends, teaches history and sometimes acts a sparing partner for Master Ent. While often coming off as intimidating, he has a sensitive side known only to his secret girlfriend Prima.
And that's pretty much what I've got so far. A few things planned to exploit but more on that on a later date.


I am the Walrus, coo coo ka choo
United States
I am the Walrus, coo coo ka choo

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