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I am a guy who likes many things that range from the beautiful to the cute, to the slightly awkward, and here they are.


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PART 1: What is commissioning?

More rants about commissioning concerns and this one particularly eases my decision but never quite accurately depicts my views. And that is the idea of freeform art versus preform art. Freeform I define as an artist letting the buyer choose whatever scenario they want, abide a few guidelines or restrictions but for the most part, give everything free to the imagination. Preform art is what I called already decided upon theme or scenario, typically what is sometimes called a YCH or "Your Character Here" auction where a sketch is design and pose established and everyone just bids to have their picture appear as the subject. While both off their benefits and drawbacks it's hard to define which is the best way to go about commissions.

Freeform. While giving the Buyer a sense of creativity and imagination for the creative process there are a few things that never seem to sync for me. For one it has to be a more in debt process I think, that means keeping the buyer up to date with progress of sketch and color. The problem is that you have to be creative, coming up with a pose and scenario that you think would work while trying to create from what the buyer has described. Depending on the elaborateness of the description will depend on how much information you have to work with. I specifically like details, the more the better when it comes to freeform because despite the best efforts we can never truly understand what a buyer wants is what they'll take. On the other hand, freeform is good if you're trying to be creative and you can't think of anything to draw. That being said it's probably a good idea to set some ground rules as far as how many character or elaborate your willing to go as just drawing a character or creating a full background, every detail is helpful but it can cause a lot of consideration.

Preform. While it does save time as far considering how your character is going to be position or what they're going to be doing. However I often wonder if it's right to charge more or less for this kind of scenario. Sometimes it seems like telling someone to take what they can get rather than cater to the buyer's likes and dislikes. Then there's the consideration that the character chosen could have an elaborateness that doesn't fit into the scenario. For example if it's a regressed form and the character is an adult you're stilling having to design the character based on the point of reference given. And on that note, if somebody wants to do something different then do you rearrange the pose or do you keep to set a structure intended. Knowing when to alternate your art would require some thought that might not have been intended from the initial design. Plus another temptation is whether to use the same pose again after the first use? I think sometimes it helps those who liked the scenario but were unable to acquire it in the first bid but after a while it came become repetitious. Then again, everything is reference to something else so does it really count as saturation?

Difference Forms, Different medias. I've notice that YCH works a lot better on Furaffinity than it does on Deviantart, which cause a lot of commissioning to be Freeform on Deviantart. However, it stands to reason that one media may not work so well from one site to another. I've thought about preform art as a better way of less thinking but when I'm really stumped I consider freeform art but each one runs into its similar problems. Perhaps it would be better to focus less on the problems and more on trying something and see what happens. Of course even if those steps were considered there's always the possibility of finding another problem that springs up, such as scheduling, dedication and the occasional media that you have yet to encounter, by which I mean shows I've never watch, don't admire or hesitant to use them in a certain scenario. What it all goes down to is having the courage to take that first step. And the first step is always the hardest.
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I am the Walrus, coo coo ka choo
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I am the Walrus, coo coo ka choo


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