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I am a guy who likes many things that range from the beautiful to the cute, to the slightly awkward, and here they are.


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Adventure Time Art Give-Away by AbeSedecim

Maybe it's the feeling of second half of FANTASY MONTH, maybe it's recent episodes of Adventure Time lately but for some reason I feel like drawing art that looks like one of my favorite shows, ADVENTURE TIME.

What this means is that I will be drawing OCs, to look like Adventure Time characters, either human or otherwise. And yes diapers, and baby paraphernalia are optional although not necessary if you're character prefers to go without them. So, either way it's just fun for me and you. It will be simple character drawings, nothing elaborate in background, maybe some running and jumping but otherwise I'd like to keep it simple. Having that said, I've got a few ground rules to settle.

1) To apply you need only comment on this journal and provide the following information for my benefit and yours.

    a) And OC drawing reference. Either draw by you or commission from one else just so long as it's yours and not somebody else or a character that's from Adventure Time.

    b) An Adventure time Character reference. This is mainly so that I can determine what features or what species your character would be in Adventure Time. For example if you're character is a wolf, you might submit a Why-Wolf character reference or a Hug-Wolf, a Cyclops Wolf, etc. Or if you're character is human, what kind of human resembles yours best, Finn, Fionna, Betsy, Simon, etc. Or maybe a Rock Person, Candy Person, Flame Person, well, you get the idea. I recommend searching the (Adventuretime.wikia) or google a cartoon network character sheet. Either way works fine so long as you have it.

    c) (Optional) A name of a Partner. This is only if you don't plan on adventuring solo. Be sure that your selected partner is okay with it before you post their name. And once you give a name, be sure to tell your partner to participate too. So that they can fill out the following information as well. At moment I'm only allow teams of two, that means no more than a dynamic duo, for now. Anymore would be a group.

    d) Your Favorite Activity. If you're an an adventurer, you probably want to go out an adventures, slaying dragons, looting treasure and every such sort. But if you watch Adventure Time you'd notice most of the time they're just hanging, eating spaghetti, playing silly games, and generally just lazing and goofing around. That will be the focus of each picture. So if you like to play football, you might be tossing a pig skin, or if you like to sniff the flowers, you might be looking at giant blooms, or if you just like to watch TV then you'd be watching a strange mystifying light, that's the general thing.
    NOTE: That if all you want to do is slay dragons and look for treasure, then it's probably going to be a very dull type action pose. So be creative, if you can.

2) No more than one submission at a time. If you have a lot of characters, then you'll have to submit them one at a time. However, if your character is already drawing you can submit another once that picture is completed.
    NOTE: You CAN Partner with yourself. If you're partners with yourself, that means have two OCs you want to see together than that will be allowed but only if all the information is filled out for both, in the same thread of comment preferably.

3) The drawings will be determined by me, since there are some things I will draw and some things that I will not draw, I may have to review them on a case by case basis. Subjects will be discussed, and you may review a finished inking, of the drawing, before the coloring stage to be sure that it is to your liking. Be sure to be available and respond to notes as I tend to ask people questions to make sure nothing is out of place before coloring. And personally I prefer confirmation, rather than no response.

4) Be kind, courteous and patient. As I'm giving no end date to this event, it is mainly because I'm not sure how long I'll have to do it. As my schedule dictates my availability for drawing time please try to be patient as I find the time to complete a drawing is all I'm asking. That sounds pretty fair, doesn't it?

Hopefully this will be both enjoyable and pleasant for all involved. And not as complicated as my last group picture project. If anyone is interested, please participate and make it an adventure for all.

UPDATE: Completed pictures, thus far.

Werewolf Princess (ABDL Content) by AbeSedecimHyooman Sculpturer (ABDL content) by AbeSedecimAmong The Sea Lards (ABDL content) by AbeSedecimFetch Blade (DL Content) by AbeSedecimRabbit Treats (DL Content) by AbeSedecim


I am the Walrus, coo coo ka choo
United States
I am the Walrus, coo coo ka choo


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